About Us

Moving abroad–sounds glamorous, right? Sometimes it is.

When we tell people we live abroad, the reactions are fairly predictable. “That must be amazing!” they say. “How fantastic for your children,” they observe. “What a wonderful opportunity,” they declare. To a point, they’re absolutely right. As expats, we have the opportunity to get an in-depth look at life abroad and all that it entails. Whether we are trying new foods, visiting exciting vacation destinations just around the corner, or immersing ourselves in local cultural events, being an expat can be a rich experience.

But our time abroad is definitely not an extended vacation. Real life still happens. We do the everyday stuff you do, but we do it in a different language surrounded by unfamiliar cultural contexts and expectations. It’s hard, embarrassing and confusing. The only way to get through with your dignity intact is to laugh.

So, we offer you this blog of authentic, honest anecdotes from our real-life, day-to-day experiences. Whether we’re trying to get a car repaired, make a dentist appointment, or navigate a routine traffic stop, we are in unfamiliar territory.

Laugh with us as we are livin’ the dream.